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We are blessed to be living our dreams here at Cannon Valley Ranch. It is our passion to care for the cattle and the land. This passion drives us to provide a wholesome, nutrient dense product that is the most tender, flavorful beef that you can find anywhere. We have made the conscious decision to be responsible for our own marketing AND NOT be held hostage to the volatile cattle markets by providing a direct route for the consumer to purchase our beef. #Farmtotable #pasturetoplate

At Cannon Valley Ranch we offer top-quality beef at a fair price directly to the consumer. In our quest to provide an elite product, we have added Akaushi (Wagyu) cattle to our herd. We now raise both Registered Angus and Akauishi cattle. We let the quality of our ground beef, steaks & roasts speak for itself and therefore build the demand for our brand.

It is our intent is to leave the land & water better than we found it for future generations. We will do so by improving the soil health and the biodiversity of it. By grazing the land with cattle, we are reducing our carbon footprint by utilizing sustainable farming and ranching practices. Some of the practices that we utilize are rotational grazing pastures, raising & grazing cover crops, no till planting, and composting. We abide by the Clean Water Land & Legacy Amendment and are a Minnesota Water Quality Certified Farm through the MN Department of Agriculture.

Our goal is not only to survive as a family farm operation, but to thrive by continuing to grow & flourish. Please accept our invitation to become part of our program either by enjoying our Farm to Table Beef or by making our seedstock a part of your breeding program.


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