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Del Pacifico

Del Pacifio Seafoods was founded in 2014 with the mission to produce the world’s highest quality shrimp using the most sustainable methods of harvest and processing that exist today.

Surf and Turf Direct & Del Pacifico Seafoods work in close collaboration with artisanal fishermen and offer them a fair chance to compete in the global seafood market, mostly dominated by industrial fishing. The collaboration between Del Pacifico and these cooperatives has allowed us to promote sustainable fishing practices and to bring the world’s best shrimp to new markets such as Minnesota.

In 2016, Del Pacifico Seafoods became the first shrimp company in the world to receive Fair Trade Certification after meeting all requirements relating to labor, trade & responsible environmental practices. 

All of our shrimp comes from day-boats, small vessels using an artisanal technique that uses the wind and tide to drift a highly selective net called suripera. This technique has the lowest bycatch and fuel consumption per pound in the world.

Our shrimp is processed following the highest international standards, ensuring good environmental practices, fair conditions for workers, and state-of-the-art processes and equipment. This allows us to offer the highest quality shrimp with the lowest impact on the environment and the only Fair-Trade Certified Shrimp in the world. 

What Makes Del Pacifico Seafoods Special?