Internationally known, celebrity Chef Daniel Green, has a passion for flavor.

Chef Daniel is an award-winning author of 12 cookbooks on healthy eating & fine dining which has sold millions worldwide. He has designed menus for airlines, hotels, and high-end restaurants throughout the globe. Daniel has showcased his recipe ideas on networks such as BBC, Food Network, Hallmark channel, NBC, UK Food, Discovery, Travel channel, and many more.

Partnering with Chef Daniel

Chef Daniel is partnering with Surf and Turf Direct to bring seafood & meat that is out of this world…. Yet only available in Minnesota. Exclusively for you, thoughtfully sourced, reasonably priced, fished & freshly frozen! It does not get better than Surf and Turf Direct! Seafood that is wild caught in North America, with no added chemicals. All our shrimp comes from day-boats, which use an artisanal technique that has the lowest bycatch in the industry. There is nothing else like it! Locally owned, locally operated, Surf and Turf Direct sources top quality shrimp, lobster and beef just for you!

How To Make The Best Surf and Turf In Just Minutes!

Check out Chef Daniel Green’s quick take on how to make the best Surf and Turf In just minutes!

How To Cook Halibut with Pesto Sauce. In Just Minutes!

Check out Chef Daniel Green’s quick how to on making a fresh, delicious Halibut. The steak of the sea!