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Here is a fun recipe you can make with your shrimp 🍤 from Surf and Turf Direct. White Bean Puree with Shrimp. Here’s what you need 🙂.

• 1lb peeled large shrimp
• 4 tablespoons olive oil
• 1 can drained white beans (cannellini are good)
• 1/2 clove garlic
• 1 teaspoon fresh chopped chives
• 1 tablespoon lemon juice
• 2 teaspoons paprika
• Salt and pepper

1. Using a stick blender or a food processor, blend the beans, 3 tablespoons of olive oil, lemon juice, 3 cloves garlic . Season with a little salt and pepper.
2. Place in a saucepan on a very low heat, and warm through.
3. Meanwhile use the remaining tablespoon of olive oil and place it over the shrimp and season with a little salt and pepper.
4. Mix well.
5. Heat a large nonstick pan on a high heat.
6. Cook the shrimp for about 45 seconds to one minute each side, add the paprika and a tablespoon of olive oil with a dash of lemon. Toss and take off the heat.
7. Serve over the beans with a drizzle of olive oil or truffle oil and the chopped chives

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Check this out! Here is a healthy recipe with 🍤 from Surf and Turf Direct.

Prosciutto wrapped shrimp
Serves 12

24 raw shrimp
24 prosciutto slices

For the dipping sauce
1 can tom sauce (8-10oz)
1 clove crushed garlic
4-6 fresh basil leaves sliced
2 tablespoons sliced sundried tomatoes in olive oil

Pre heat over to 380 deg
Wrap the shrimp with a slice of prosciutto , place on oven tray with foil. Cook for 8 minutes
Cook in a tom sauce pan with all the ingredients on a low heat for 5 minutes, blend with a stick blender or food processor

Our shrimp 🍤 pairs well with caviar, because it is the best :-). Here is a salad, with a simple avocado dressing, caviar and of course shrimp from Surf and Turf Direct :-). Enjoy! ...

Ever have this one before? Here is some shrimp 🍤 dipped in black vinegar. Thanks to our chef Daniel Green. Possibilities are endless with shrimp from Surf and Turf Direct.

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How good does this look? Making quesadillas with Thousand Hills Beef Tenderloin Tips. Mix in some
onions, peppers, taco seasoning and you are good to go! Thanks to the Nelsons from Lakeland MN for this fantastic dish!

What do you think about this one? Salmon with salsa verde. Salsa verde from Italy is bit different than the Mexican version - it’s Tarragon, capers, olive oil, lemon juice, and basil. Our wild caught Alaskan Sockeye Salmon is the best! Thanks @chefdanielgreentv ...

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How great does this look? Scallop Salad from Carol in Lakeland MN. Just fantastic!
Here’s a fun recipe for you…

Scallop Salad
½ Red Bell Pepper Thinly Sliced
½ Yellow Pepper Thinly Sliced
10-15 Kalamata Olives Pitted & Quartered
4-6 Sprigs of Celery Leaf Roughly Chopped
3-4 Cloves of Garlic Finely Chopped
1 Lemon Juiced
½ Cup Ginger Soother from the Ginger People
4 Tbsp Butter
4 oz Sheep’s Milk Feta Cheese, chopped in bite size pieces
1 lb Scallops from Surf and Turf Direct, thawed in refrigerator, wash/rinse, and pat dry
4-5 leaves each of Red and Green Leaf Lettuce (depending on size of leaf) chopped and evenly distributed between 4 salad bowls

In medium size skillet (I use stainless steel) over medium heat melt 1 Tbsp Butter, add peppers and saute 5-7 minutes until soft. Remove peppers and set aside. Melt ½ Tbsp butter and add olives, celery leaf, and garlic. Saute for about 5 minutes making sure garlic doesn’t brown. Remove and set aside. Add juice of 1 lemon, let simmer and evaporate. Add ½ cup ginger juice to deglaze pan, let simmer stirring occasionally, reduce by half. Remove sauce and set aside.

Before cooking the scallops, divide peppers and olive mix evenly between salad bowls on top of lettuce.

On medium heat, melt half of remaining butter, make sure butter is hot, before butter begins to brown, add half of Scallops making sure not to overcrowd pan. Saute for about 4 minutes or until underside of scallops brown, turn over and saute for another 3 -4 minutes remove, melt remaining butter and saute remaining scallops as above, remove scallops. Add the sauce back to the pan to deglaze the pan capturing all remnants – remove from heat.

Divide cooked scallops evenly between salad bowls, add Feta cheese. Drizzle sauce over each salad.

Serve immediately and enjoy!

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Shrimp from Surf and Turf Direct with tomato soup, a little ginger chili, with some truffle oil. Keeping it simple, but has so much flavor! When you use the right shrimp :-). Well done @chefdanielgreentv ...

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